Friday, January 18, 2013

Mentoring Programs- Apply Now!

by: Vanessa Ingram

There are currently open positions for mentoring programs in CCASL for the spring semester. These programs consist of activities that aid in improving the self-esteem and attitudes of children throughout the Spokane Community.

Here are brief descriptions of the mentoring programs available in CCASL:

    Zag Study Buddies (ZSB) is a two day per week commitment; volunteers can sign up for Monday AND Wednesday or Tuesday AND Thursday from 3-4:15. ZSB is an after school tutoring program working in the Spokane community at four local elementary schools and one middle school. The program connects Gonzaga student tutors with youth struggling with their academics to focus on school work and help with homework comprehension and completion. Student mentors meet the ZSB mentoring group at 2:45 each day of programming to travel to their school.
    SMILE is dedicated to improving kids’ self-esteem and building positive attitudes. Gonzaga mentors meet at the schools one day per week (Monday through Friday as available) for one hour from 4-5pm to participate in activities that focus on self-esteem, culture, physical activity, art, and science. SMILE works with the Express after school program at eight local elementary schools with students from kindergarten through sixth grade.
    GAME mentors meet once per week on either Tuesday or Wednesday for two hours from 7-9pm. GAME is designed to teach teamwork and good sportsmanship to local area middle school students. It uses social interaction and physical activity to increase the self-esteem and resilience of local students. Mentors participate in P.E. style games including dodge ball, basketball, volleyball, and a variety of other fun and physical games.
    Earthbound (includes Garry Gardening) meet once per week from approximately 3:30-5pm to conduct environmental awareness with local area middle school students. Earthbound runs after school programming that is fun and environmentally educational. It focuses on schools with high rates of free and reduced lunch to ensure that a lack of economic privilege will not lead to a lack of environmental awareness and appreciation. At Garry Middle School, mentors will also have the opportunity to work in the Garry garden and greenhouse to educate students about sustainability, healthy lifestyles and gardening.
(Source: CCASL mentoring webpage)
    Connections is a one-on-one mentoring program that works with middle school students (grades 7-8) from local Spokane Public Schools. Connections is designed to improve the academic and social success of its mentees. Connections establishes relationships between positive role models and mentees to help the mentees realize (and actualize) their potential. The goal is to aid the mentee in creating a vision for the future and a plan for how that vision can become a reality. Mentors and mentees participate in a variety of academic, recreational, and social activities. All Connections mentors attend weekly programming, visit their mentee once a week at school, and participate in monthly Saturday activities.

Those interested in applying should fill out the application by following the link below or looking on the CCASL website. For more details about the mentoring programs listed above, please contact Zach Reuter at 509-313-6828,

The application only takes a few minutes to complete and the deadline is January 23rd, 2013.